Residential Tenancy Decisions (BC)
Last revised February 26, 2020

The Vancouver Courthouse Library has copies of selected residential tenancy arbitrators' and Arbitration Review Panel decisions prior to 1998.  Search by selecting our Unreported  Decisions Index.

The Arbitration Review Panel was discontinued in 1999, with the coming into force of section 14 of the Residential Tenancy Amendment Act, 1999, S.B.C. 1999, c. 45 (see BC Regulation No. 264/99) [1999 Acts and regulations, as published in the BC Gazette, Part II, are available in print in most BC courthouse libraries].

Effective October 2008, recent decisions of dispute resolution officers appointed as per section 9 (2) of the current Residential Tenancy Act, S.B.C. 2002, c. 78, may be searched by topic and viewed on the Residential Tenancy Branch website