Stork Derby Case
Last revised December 27, 2018

Charles Vance Millar was a Canadian lawyer. He died in 1926 leaving an unusual will. Amongst other bequests he left O'Keefe Brewery stock to some Method ministers and temperance advocates. Millar's will also required that the balance of his estate be converted to cash ten years after his death and given to the mother or mothers who gave birth to the most children in Toronto between October 31, 1926 and October 31, 1936. It was this clause that resulted in a contest that became known as the Great Stork Derby, Baby Derby or Baby Race. It was also this clause that resulted in litigation. In December 1937 the Supreme Court of Canada upheld Millar's will.



Charles Vance Millar's will is at the Ontario Archives.

Millar Estate, Re; [1938] SCR 1, [1938] 1 D.L.R. 65.