Vancouver Building By-Law (VBBL)
Last revised December 04, 2023

On January 30, 2007, Vancouver City Council enacted the Vancouver Building By-law #9419 (VBBL), using the 2006 BC Building Code (onsite at Courthouse Libraries) as the base document.  It came into force on May 1, 2007.  It has been amended multiple times since.

Since the BC government holds the copyright for the 2006 BC Building Code, the entire building bylaw is not available on the City of Vancouver By-Laws website.  Copies of the Code may be obtained through the King's Printer.  

The following parts and fee schedule of the VBBL are not copyrighted:

  • Part 10 of Division B: Existing Buildings
  • Part 11 of Division B: Float Homes and Marinas
  • Part 1A of Division C: Administration - Building
  • Part 1B of Division C: Administration - Plumbing
  • Part 3 of Division C:  Appeals, Offences, Penalties, and Transition Provisions
  • Fee Schedule 

You also can view council policies, amendments and "unique to Vancouver" requirements online.

However, the City is developing the next edition of the Building By-law using both the 2010 National Building Code (onsite at Courthouse Libraries) and the proposed 2012 edition of the BC Building Code as the base document. 

It is anticipated that it will be taken to City Council for consideration in Fall 2012. Should Council adopt the proposed 2012 Building By-law, a grace period of six months will be provided prior to enactment of the new By-law, expected in the Spring of 2013.

See also BC Building Code.