Where can I find coming into force information for Quebec Acts & Regulations?
Last revised April 17, 2018

The English version of the Revised Statutes of Quebec 1977 was proclaimed in force June 15, 1980.  See the Proclamation in the Gazette officielle du Québec (G.O.), Part 2 - Laws and Regulations,  Vol. 112, p. 2151 (available in the Vancouver Courthouse Library).

The coming into force information for every section of every statute since the revision can be found in the "Table of Provisions Brought into Force" in the Documentation volume (v.22) of the looseleaf Revised Statutes of Quebec (available in the Vancouver Courthouse Library), page 1 (77).

PLEASE NOTE: when a legislative amendment has required new alphnumeric Revised Statute designation, the in force information will continue to be listed under the annual statute references.