Self-serve copying & printing

Our libraries are equipped with photocopiers and individual printers attached to public computer workstations.

To print, you will need to purchase a copy card directly from staff. They come in various pre-set denominations and cannot be refunded.

Staff assistance is available if you need to:

  • Send a fax
  • Print a fax
  • Copy or print a document

Costs for these services can be found on the fees page

The copy service is provided to assist those who require access to legal information and is administered in accordance with the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act. Works protected under copyright may only be copied if authorized by:

  • for the purpose of fair dealing (s. 29) or under specific exceptions set out in the act;
  • the copyright owner (s. 13); 
  • a license agreement between this institution and a collective society or a tariff, if any.

For details of authorized copying, please consult the license agreement or the applicable tariff, if any, and other relevant information available.