Court Services Online E-search now free at CLBC

Court Services Online (CSO) provides electronic court services to the public via the internet. Through their E-search, people can search for information from BC Provincial and Supreme civil court records and BC Provincial traffic and criminal court records at any time they like without having to go to the court registry. Searches can be done using an individual’s name, an organization’s name, or the file number of the proceeding. You can see more about what is available on CSO on their website 

After locating the file, a $6 service fee lets you view the details of the file, with further service fees applying for downloading any documents that may be available.  

Thanks to our partnership with CSO, the CSO E-search service is now available at all CLBC branches at no cost! This means that people can search the system for files, view file details, and download any uploaded court documents without any service fees. Library staff are available on-site to help people access CSO and show them how to search or download documents.  

Some examples of how people have used CSO E-search at CLBC are:  

  • Checking or reprinting an order from their proceeding 

  • Seeing if any new documents have been filed 

  • Checking the status of a probate file to see if the grant of probate has been given 

  • Getting drafting tips for their own court forms by looking at documents from a similar proceeding 

CSO E-search is available on our public computers at all CLBC branches around the province. You can see our locations and hours on our website. 

Questions? Please feel free to get in touch with us at