COVID-19 Resources for British Columbians is moving!

Now that the realities of the pandemic are integrating more and more with everyday life, so too will content from the COVID-19 Resources for British Columbians wikibook be integrated into the Clicklaw website overall. The wikibook pages will remain on the site but will cease to be updated as of December 14th, 2020.  

This resource was created as a directory of trusted, online sources dealing with the ways COVID-19 public health directives were affecting the lives of BC residents. Included within are general hotline numbers, government sources, online resources organized by topic (e.g. Housing, Family Law, Employment, etc.) sources of legal help & services, and court procedures.

Each of these is being reviewed to ensure they are findable on the Clicklaw site. Chapter headings in the wikibook generally correspond to the categories in the Clicklaw taxonomy, so you can use those category headings to find what you’re looking for. If you can’t find what you need, call us! We’re always happy to help.

Clicklaw Common Questions are being updated to include this information where applicable, so you and your patrons can find good starting points. For example, the question “My Landlord gave me an eviction notice. What can I do?” now includes information about government-issued guidelines regarding evictions for unpaid rent during the pandemic.

A reminder: As things continue to shift, be sure to check the currency date for each source. On Clicklaw, you’ll find it at the top of each ‘Common Question’ page, and on the listing page for each resource along with who produced it, when it was created, date of last review, and the type of resource it is (e.g.: self-help, forms, basic info, etc.). Keep that same idea in mind as you follow external links to government or other organization’s sites.

If you run into any tricky questions and get stuck, please call us directly, or if you prefer, refer folks our way! Most of our libraries are closed to the public, but we are still providing reference support and services remotely via phone and email. Check out our Library Service Updates page for the latest information about what is available, including limited public access hours at some smaller local libraries.