Make-a-Will Week 2021

October 3-9 2021 is Make-a -Will Week in BC! This week is meant to encourage and support members of the public to write their will or bring their existing will up-to-date. A will is the best way to ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes and that the people you care for are looked after.  

If you want to support Make-a-Will Week at your library, make sure to check out the resources below!  

Patrons with questions?  

For an overview of great resources, go to Courthouse Libraries BC’s Wills & Personal Planning Resources. This guide provides an overview of resources for different audiences, including lawyers and legal professionals, public librarians and community helpers, and the public. It also provides links to places to get help with making a will, webinars and events, and relevant legislation. Make sure to bookmark this page to check back on!  

The guide also comes with handy printable guides directed to different audiences:  

Print Make-a-Will Resources:  

Want to make a display for Make-a-Will week? The BC Government has made two official posters that you can print and put up in your library:

Check out these plain language freebies available from People’s Law School. These booklets are all available online or as a PDF download on People’s Law School website, as well as  Clicklaw Wikibooks. Look at them online, print out the section or title you need, or order them for free from Crown Publications.  

Make sure to check your library catalogue for print materials on this subject! Some titles that are on this year's Law Books for Libraries list and possibly available at your library:  

Many of these titles are also available at Courthouse Libraries BC locations! Check our catalogue to find a location near you with a copy before you refer a patron.  

Online Make-a-Will Resources:  

Clicklaw has a variety of Common Questions on this topic that provide a good starting point for patrons looking for information on wills.  

MyLawBC can help patrons make a simple will or make an action plan for those with more complicated situations.  

People’s Law School has some great pages to help those looking to prepare a will. Check out their section on Wills & Estates or check out the links below for some helpful resources for making a will:  

Check out Dial-a-Law's page on Preparing a will and estate planning for step by step help on the topic.  

The UBC LSLAP Manual has a chapter on Wills & Estate Administration, which includes a section on Making and Executing a Will.   

Make-a-Will Help: 

Does your patron need some help making their will? Refer them to one of the programs below!  

  • Access Pro Bono Wills Clinic – this clinic provides free help with simple wills and representation agreements for low-income seniors 55+ or those with terminal illnesses.  

  • LSLAP Clinic – this program helps low-income earners draft wills for estates under $25,000 and prepare other personal planning documents.  

  • UBC Indigenous Community Legal Clinic – this clinic helps with making a will, power of attorney, representation agreements. To be eligible, patrons must be in the Lower Mainland, low-income, and self-identify as Indigenous.  

You can also search on the Clicklaw HelpMap for local help programs using the Wills & Estates topic filter

Upcoming Make-a-Will Week events:  

NIDUS is holding a series of free personal planning events, beginning October 5th. Check out a full list of events on their website - 

People’s Law School is also holding some free webinars that your patrons may be interested in. The first, Making a Will in BC, is on October 5th at noon. Check out the full list for registration details -

Probating an Estate?  

If a patron comes in wanting more information on probating an estate, the resources below could be helpful. Some good questions to ask in the reference interview include “Is there a will?” and “Is there an executor?” This can help you figure out what exactly your patron needs. Some good starting points are:  

Clicklaw Common Questions 

People’s Law School Wills & Estates pages

If your patron is looking for more help with court forms, the print resource Guide to Wills & Estates could help. This title contains instructions, practical examples, tips, and detailed procedures. If it’s not in your own collection, you can find it at CLBC locations around the province - 

Grant of Administration:  

If your patron is looking to take care of an estate but there is no will then they may actually need a grant of administration. Learn more about grants of administration and how to get them using the resources below:  

Contesting a Will:  

If your patron is unhappy with their share of a will, they can contest or challenge the will in court. Check out the resources below for more information:  

Personal Planning:  

Personal planning refers to making arrangements for while you are alive but may need assistance due to illness, injury, or disability. This can include making representation agreements and enduring power of attorney. Below are some resources that can get your patrons started.  

Clicklaw Common Questions: 

NIDUS Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry has home helpful pages on Representation Agreements and Enduring Power of Attorney.  

People’s Law School has a variety of resources on this topic. Check out their Power of Attorney booklet, available online and in print, or the section on their website Plan for your future care.  


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