Make a Will Week 2023

October 1 to 7 marks Make a Will Week in BC this year. The goal of the week is to encourage people to make or update their will.  

We know that many of you receive questions about making wills and personal planning documents such as representation agreements and powers of attorney in your libraries. With that in mind, we’ve created a new Make a Will Week Guide to help you in the moment with these types of questions.  

The guide includes links to online and print resources that provide more information about making wills and personal planning documents; these resources can help your patrons learn more about what goes into making these documents and get them prepared to begin writing. The guide also includes a section on free and low-cost referral options for those patrons who need legal advice. 

We’ve also published a Wills and Personal Planning PDF handout along with the guide, which features a quick link pointing back to the online version. Feel free to print the handout and keep it handy at the desk!