Privacy Rights Webinar and Resources

People’s Law School is hosting a free webinar next week on privacy rights in BC. The webinar will cover privacy rights in all kinds of situations, including background checks by employers, what types of information a landlord can ask for from a prospective tenant, and how to protect your privacy online and on your cellphone. Register below!  

Your Privacy Rights in BC 

Tuesday, February 28th at noon  


Want to learn more about privacy rights in the meantime? Check out the resources below:  

People’s Law School: 

Clicklaw resources:  

Office of the Privacy Commissioner in Canada 

BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association 

BC Civil Liberties Association 

Chapter 5 of the UBC Law Students’ Legal Advice Program Manual (LSLAP) has a section on Privacy or Access to Information which includes information on making complaints.  

Find a full list of Clicklaw resources on privacy rights here. 

Clicklaw Common Questions:  

Find a full list of Common Questions concerning privacy rights here

Need help resolving a privacy complaint? The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC provides independent oversight and enforcement of BC’s privacy laws and has the power to investigate and resolve privacy complaints with public and private sector organizations. They also provide information pages that the public can use to find out more about their privacy rights.