Referral Option for Affordable Legal Help: Everyone Legal Clinic

Many free legal help programs have financial eligibility criteria, which can make it difficult for those with modest or middle incomes to access legal help if they cannot afford to retain a lawyer. For this ‘missing middle’, the search for affordable legal services can be daunting.  

One option for affordable legal services in BC is the Everyone Legal Clinic, created under Access Pro Bono. This virtual clinic operates remotely and was created with the goal of serving people in underserved communities and supporting increasing diversity in the legal profession. The clinic is staffed by articling clinicians overseen by lawyers.  

The clinic offers services in a variety of legal areas and operates on a fixed cost or ‘starting from’ basis. This lets potential clients know up front what the service may cost and sets baselines for each service.  

The Everyone Legal Clinic offers services in the following areas:  

  • Civil disputes
  • Consumer transactions
  • Criminal defence
  • Employment and benefits
  • Family law
  • Residential tenancy  
  • Wills and estates  

The clinicians can provide specific services under each legal area, primarily assisting with the drafting of legal documents or dispute resolution. Some examples of available services include:

  • Drafting a prenuptial or spousal agreement
  • Drafting a separation agreement or uncontested divorce documents  
  • Preparing a will
  • Drafting a contract
  • Resolving disputes regarding estates, residential tenancies, and civil matters (e.g. damage to property, unpaid debt, etc)  

See their website for a full list of services and their starting from fees. Checking this list can help you determine whether this program may be a good fit for your patron’s legal issue.  

Those looking to book a consult can either make an appointment online through their website or over the phone at 778-200-4478.