Webinar material

Employment and Civil Law Remedies for Workplace Sexual Harassment

April 13, 2021

Human Rights and Workplace Sexual Harassment

April 2, 2021

Overview of COVID-19 BC Gender Equality Report Card

March 1, 2021

Free Legal Services in BC: An overview of CLAS and APB programs

February 4

A Brief History of Pardons: Should Louis Riel be Pardoned?

January 18

Criminal Jury Trials in a Pandemic: International Perspectives

January 16

The Art of a Deft Direct

June 18

BC Gender Equality Report Card: An Overview

June 15

Challenging the Lawfulness of Searches

May 7

Civility in the Criminal Bar

December 2

Court of Appeal Criminal Chambers Practice Tip

May 12

Effective Cross-Examination

May 21

Effective Oral Advocacy in the Court of Appeal

June 25

Effective Written Advocacy: A Guide to Writing Persuasive Factums

April 30

Ethics in Criminal Practice

April 23

Ethics in Criminal Practice, Part 2 

June 2

Indian Day Schools

July 2

Indigenous Courts: A Cross-Jurisdictional Comparison

May 28

Indigenous Human Rights

August 18

Indigenous Rights in BC and Indian Act Amendments

July 30

Interrupting Bias: How Systemic Racism, Discrimination and Distorted Thinking Lead to Wrongful Convictions

December 10

Métis Legal Issues

June 23

A Panel Discussion: Navigating section 276 and 278 Criminal Code matters for complainant counsel in criminal proceedings

May 19

Protest Law and Civil Disobedience

July 29

Trauma-Informed Legal Practice

September 17