Finding BC Court Rules and Legislation

BC Court Rules

Searching McLachlin & Taylor's British Columbia Practice  (4:04)
This video will cover how to find commentary on the BC Court Rules in the digital version of McLachlin and Taylor's British Columbia Practice, available in Quicklaw.

BC Legislation

Finding Current BC Legislation with Quickscribe (5:01)
Is feeding bears an offence? Meghan and Rebecca use an interesting fact pattern to show you how to use Quickscribe to do the following:

  • find a relevant section within a BC Statue
  • view current BC legislation
  • view proposed changes to BC legislation

Finding Historical BC Legislation with Quickscribe (5:36)
This video takes you through some common research tasks, including

  • viewing point-in-time BC legislation side-by-side with current BC legislation
  • tracing back a section of BC Act