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Supreme Court of Canada Practice, 2023 / Brian Crane
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The complete and portable Supreme Court of Canada Practice is the essential guide for practice before the Supreme Court of Canada.

This newly released edition brings you up to date on changes to the rules and practice before the court, describes these changes in depth, and provides comprehensive background and context behind them.

New in this edition

-    Legislation has been updated up to Canada Gazette Vol. 157:9 (April 26, 2023)
-    Commentary and annotations have been updated to reflect all recent developments.

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Litigation and Administrative Advocacy: The Art and Science of Persuasion 
KN380.A73 2023
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Litigation and Administrative Advocacy: The Art and Science of Persuasion is a collection of fourteen articles that cover every aspect of the trial and tribunal process – from examinations for discovery, opening statements, examination and cross-examination of witnesses, to closing statements and argument. This advocacy text is a building block of key and innovative advocacy tips and imparts to the reader the important science of storytelling, effective persuasion, and how to become a reliable narrator.

Written by the Honourable Todd L. Archibald and a team of co-authors, the content in this book is founded upon Retired Justice Archibald’s advocacy teaching and training over the past forty years, the advocacy skills witnessed in court, and detailed discussions with barristers and judges concerning the art and science of persuasion. It also features a special foreword by the Honourable John I. Laskin.

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Law of the Constitution: The Distribution of Powers, 2nd Ed / Donald Bur
KM70.B87 2023
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This book offers an insightful and thorough look at the distribution of powers in Canada between the federal and provincial governments, and provides an analysis of how the courts have treated and decided the issues that have arisen in this context.

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Rights, Freedoms, and Their Limits: Reimagining Section 1 of the Charter / Brian Bird
KM220.R54 2023 
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When can the state place limits on basic human rights? This is a fundamental question for any liberal democracy.

In Canada, for rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the answer is found in section 1 of this constitutional document. Section 1 provides that the state may only subject Charter rights and freedoms to limits that are “reasonable”, “prescribed by law”, and “demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”.

But interpreting these standards has proven a difficult task, one which courts, decisionmakers, and legislatures have wrestled with over the first four decades of Charter jurisprudence.

This collection offers fresh, innovative, and insightful perspectives on these challenges, and on the proper scope, contours, and limits of rights and freedoms. It will be of value to jurists, scholars, governments, lawyers, students, and litigants alike.

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Successful Prosecution of Intimate Violence: Making it Offender-Focused / Bridget Ryan
KM544.9.I58.R93 2023 
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Offender-focused prosecution concentrates attention to the actions, decisions, choices, and motivations of the offender. Crimes of intimate violence tend to compel investigators, prosecutors, and defense attorneys to fixate on the victim’s behavior to prove or disprove a case. Prosecutors can become helpless when faced with uncooperative victims, challenging facts, or attacks on the victims’ credibility. However, when the prosecution can rely on evidence and offender-focused interviewing, investigation, and case construction, there is a greater chance of success.

This book will offer investigators and prosecutors concrete information and techniques to construct and present offender-focused cases in crimes of intimate violence. First, we will challenge the reader’s biases and assumptions about intimate violence, providing information that will dispel pervasive myths and misinformation we maintain. We will explain the motivations and techniques that offenders use on their victims to ensure the victims’ silence, compliance, and resistance to prosecution. The second section will address specific steps that investigators and prosecutors can take for offender-focused prosecution, including interviewing practices, conducting evidence-based investigations, selecting and preparing a jury, and building an offender-focused prosecution through the case. The reader will be offered practical and attainable practices and skills.

This book will be primarily intended for investigators or prosecutors. However, it will be accessible to paralegals, victim advocates, judges, and others involved in the criminal justice system to utilize.

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