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Indictment: The Criminal Justice System on Trial / Benjamin Perrin
KM597.P47 2023
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Based on first-hand interviews with survivors, people who have committed offences, and others on the frontlines, Indictment puts the Canadian criminal justice system on trial and proposes a bold new vision of transformative justice.  

Do we need more cops or to defund the police? Harm reduction or treatment? Tougher sentences or prison abolition? The debate about Canada’s criminal justice system has rarely been so polarized – or so in need of fresh ideas.

Indictment brings the heartrending and captivating stories of survivors and people who have committed offences to the forefront to help us understand why the criminal justice system is facing such an existential crisis.

Benjamin Perrin draws on his expertise as a lawyer, former top criminal justice advisor to the prime minister, and law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada to investigate the criminal justice system itself. Indictment critiques the system from a trauma-informed perspective, examining its treatment of victims of crime, Indigenous people and Black Canadians, people with substance use and mental health disorders, and people experiencing homelessness, poverty, and unemployment.

Perrin also shares insights from others on the frontlines, including prosecutors and defence lawyers, police chiefs, Indigenous leaders, victim support workers, corrections officers, public health experts, gang outreach workers, prisoner and victims’ rights advocates, criminologists, psychologists, and leading trauma experts. Bringing forward the voices of marginalized people, along with their stories of survival and resilience, Indictment shows that a better way is possible.

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African Free Trade Agreements and Intellectual Property / Michael Blakeney
KN112.B53 2024
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This informative book examines the intellectual property (IP) provisions of the sub-regional, continental and international Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) that have been implemented by African countries to facilitate trade and promote economic integration. Michael Blakeney and Getachew Mengistie Alemu explain how FTAs can be used when setting IP standards in order to influence the ongoing effort to develop effective international agreements with Africa.

African Free Trade Agreements and Intellectual Property details the national, sub-regional and continental structure of African IP laws and their relationship to the FTAs entered into by African states and sub-regional groupings. The book explores a broad range of topics including the socio-economic challenges of African countries, the African continental IP arrangements, Agenda 2063, cultural and biodiversity legislation. Looking ahead, the book recommends using IP to better support African countries in relation to biopiracy, access to genetic resources, the equitable sharing of benefits from the exploitation of those resources and the protection of traditional knowledge, cultural expressions and folklore.

This book will be an insightful read for researchers and students specialising in intellectual property law, international economic law, trade law and public international law. Providing an in-depth examination of IP and FTA agreements in Africa, this book will also be of benefit to policy-makers and legal practitioners working in the field.

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British Columbia Family Law Practice, 2024 / Trudi Brown
KN170.H82 2024
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British Columbia Family Law Practice, 2024 Edition is once again your unique, comprehensive source for all the annotated legislation that a B.C. family law professional needs. This new edition reflects recent court approaches in interpreting and applying the Divorce Act, the Child Support Guidelines, the B.C. Child, Family and Community Service Act, the Family Law Act and other federal and provincial family legislation. It also continues to offer the original Ministry interpretations of every FLA provision, as well as cross-references to help you negotiate the legislation.

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Impaired Driving and Other Criminal Code Driving Offences, 2nd Edition / Karen Jokinen
KM565.T7J65 2023
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Following the 2018 repeal and replacement of driving provisions in the Criminal Code, the COVID-19 pandemic generated significant changes to the justice system, including its approach to drinking and driving cases. During the last three years, numerous aspects of the legislation have been challenged, upheld, overturned, and restored on appeal.

Impaired Driving and Other Criminal Code Driving Offences, 2nd Edition is a balanced and comprehensive guide to new legislation and case law, designed to assist all members of the criminal bar and judiciary. Incorporating both Crown and defence perspectives, this resource explores all aspects of impaired driving law, including the different types of offences, the investigation process, provincial procedural differences, trial strategies and issues, sentencing, and ethics.

This second edition includes two new chapters devoted to Charter issues, including rights to counsel and remedies. Each chapter explores the strengths and weaknesses of arguments often presented by Crown and defence, and alternatives to these arguments. This guide also features up-to-date legislation, additional content, and more case law from western Canada.

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Canadian Extradition Law, 6th Edition / Gary Botting
KC214.1.C2B671 2023
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Drawing on the expertise of legal analyst Dr. Gary Botting accumulated over 30 year of extradition practise, Canadian Extradition Law, 6th Edition is a quick reference tool for lawyers and judges alike to access every significant case decided under the Extradition Act. It provides a solid understanding of the legal framework of extradition law in Canada, including an overview of current issues in evolving extradition procedure.

Part I of this publication consists of a fully annotated Extradition Act, with commentary, practice advice, and carefully synthesized case law. Part II contains every bilateral treaty signed by Canada, again with relevant case law. Appendices include the 20 recommendations of Parliament’s Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights (“Reforming Canada’s Extradition System”), relevant rulings from the Federal Court, key segments of multilateral treaties, the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, referential sections of the Criminal Code and Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and applicable forms.

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