How Do I Order a Transcript?
Last revised February 27, 2020

In British Columbia courts, all proceedings are transcribed by a court clerk.  You can gain access to these transcripts in either a text or audio format.

You can order by contacting the court registry where the matter was heard.  You will need to have the following information when applying for the transcript or recording:

  • Whether the hearing was in the Provincial or Supreme Court
  • The date of the hearing
  • The file number

Audio recordings of the court are made when a judge gives oral reasons for judgment or sentencing.  Audio recordings are not taken during settlement conferences in small claims court, Family Case Conferences and Trial Preparation Conferences in the provincial family court.  Transcripts of Supreme Court Judicial Case Conferences can only be ordered if a judge makes an order to allow it.

A transcript is created from the audio recording of a case.  Unless certain circumstances disallow it, the registry can make the audio recording available to listen to, but will only release a copy of an audio recording if the appropriate safeguards are in place.  Audio transcripts must be prepared by an authorized court reporter or transcript company.  Court registries maintain a list of authorized transcript creators.

The Supreme Court Record Access Policy Part 3 outlines the rights and methods of access available in BC.




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