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This blog is for anyone working in the field of public libraries interested in learning more about legal reference resources and services available in BC. LawMatters is a Courthouse Libraries BC outreach program supported by funding from Law Foundation of BC.

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Evictions - What happens next?

In the last two posts in our eviction series, we talked about the types of eviction notices a tenant might receive and the process of disputing the eviction at the Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB). To...

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Upcoming Webinar: Supporting Self Represented Litigants in BC Provincial Court

LawMatters, Clicklaw, and Courthouse Libraries BC are excited to present Supporting Self Represented Litigants in Provincial Court: Resources and Q&A. This webinar will provide an overview of reso...

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Evictions - How do you dispute them?

To start off the new year, we return with the second instalment in our Eviction series. Our first post in this series covered the beginning stages of the eviction process and the different types of ev...

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BC Floods: Legal and Financial Resources

Given the impact severe weather and flooding has had in many BC communities this year, folks may be coming to their local libraries for support or information to help deal with the unexpected legal an...

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Evictions - How do they start?

Based on our conversations with public library workers, we know that tenancy is a hot legal topic around the province. With this in mind, we decided to do a blog series on a particularly tricky aspect...

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