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The Stream - Courthouse Libraries BC Blog

Welcome to the Stream.

Stay current with the latest news and views from Courthouse Libraries BC.  

  • CLBC Board of Directors Announces New CEO

    by Alan Ross | Feb 14, 2017
    After an extensive cross-Canada search, the Board of Directors of the BC Courthouse Library Society (CLBC) is very pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Kensi Gounden as the Society’s new Chief Executive Officer to take effect at the end of May 2017. 

    Mr. Gounden will replace Ms. Johanne Blenkin who is departing to pursue new opportunities after 12 years of excellent service to the Society.

    Mr. Gounden joins CLBC from the Law Society of British Columbia where he was a member of the senior leadership team responsible for Standards, Professional Development and Practice Advice.  Mr. Gounden was called to the Bar in 1991.  He worked in a general practice before joining the Law Society in 1998 as a Professional Conduct Lawyer.  Over the next 18 years his responsibilities expanded to include the management of Professional Development, Practice Advice and Practice Standards.  He led task forces which developed the Law Society’s continuing professional development program and created mandatory courses for sole practitioners and small firm lawyers.  He is committed to using the library’s resources to assist lawyers in giving the best quality of service to their clients and to provide better access to justice for individuals.

    Alan Ross
  • New Franchises Act Resources

    by Katrina Leung | Feb 01, 2017

    The new Franchises Act is brought into force on February 1, 2017 and Courthouse Libraries BC has put together the following list of resources to learn more about the new legislation:

    Presented by Sheena Mitchell and Katrina Leung, and hosted by CLBC, watch The New BC Franchises Act – What you need to know on February 6, 2017.


    CLBC has put together a legislative guide which can be found here


    The BC Government Small Business and Red Tape Reduction has put together a Questions & Answers guide on the Franchises Act which can be found here.


  • BC Family Innovation Lab Launches New Website and Blog

    by Kari Boyle | Sep 20, 2016
    The following blog post is a cross-post from the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab website.
    By Kari Boyle
     Coordinator, BC Family Justice Innovation Lab 


    What is the Lab?

    The Lab is not a place, an organization or a product.  It is a space.  A space for taking new approaches to family justice innovation in BC.  It is a space for diverse groups of people to work together with the support and tools they need.

    Who is working on the Lab?

    Our Core Lab Team is described here.  I have the privilege of the “Coordinator” title but we are all working as a team to keep moving forward.

    Why is the Lab important? 

    Previous family justice reforms have not resulted in the kind of transformational change that is really needed to make the system accessible and effective for BC families.  It remains too complex, too expensive and too time-consuming.  A new approach is needed.  A small group of us looked outside the justice system for inspiration and were excited to learn about “lab” approaches being used in other sectors to effect meaningful social change.  This approach is different because it is:

    • family-centred (not just in words but in action)
    • systemic
    • participatory
    • experimental
    It is focused on action rather than creating another report with recommendations for what others should do to make things better.  We have enough reports.  We will aim to experiment, including with prototyping, and to take a “learn as you go” approach while still ensuring we have robust evaluation data.

    There are many different kinds of labs.  This Lab will focus on using a combination of human-centred design approaches and system thinking (coined “systemic design”).  Human-centred design places the people who will be using the innovation at the centre of the innovation design process. It is a fast-paced, experimental process that taps into people’s innate creativity, and has four iterative steps – empathy, definition, ideation and prototyping.  System thinking acknowledges that the BC family justice system is a complex adaptive system and encourages multi-disciplinary engagement with people across the “system” defined broadly i.e. all of the pieces that families encounter while taking their journey through separation and divorce.  As M. Jerry McHale Q.C. said early in our exploration, “this is not a justice issue with some social aspects, this is a social issue with a few justice aspects”.

    We believe that the Lab will be able to pursue change in new ways that individual justice organizations cannot do by themselves.  In so doing, we aim to support and amplify their efforts to improve the BC justice system.  We are also committed to supporting and collaborating with the Access to Justice BC.

    This is a learning journey.  We don’t have everything figured out but we are confident that we can help if we start, if we engage with others, if we are open to creative ideas, and if we really try to see the system from the perspective of those we exist to serve.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to participate in the Lab in some way.  Follow us on Twitter (@BCFamInnovLab) and use the “contact us” feature on our website and we will get back to you. Thank you.


Alex is a content developer, legal research specialist and all-around helpful sort at Courthouse Libraries BC. He likes finding answers to difficult questions and making our website better all the time.

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