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The Stream - Courthouse Libraries BC Blog

Welcome to the Stream.

Stay current with the latest news and views from Courthouse Libraries BC.  

  • Courthouse Libraries Looseleafs To Receive Annual Physicals

    by Mandy Ostick | Feb 17, 2015
    There are a variety of things that make sense to tackle on an annual basis. Spring-cleaning or a check-up with your family doctor are a couple of examples.  Usually, it’s a matter of efficiency that determines that an annual schedule is the right approach.  

    At Courthouse Libraries, efficiency is telling us that it’s time to move looseleaf publication updates to an annual schedule, and discontinue our “pay as you go” subscriptions.  “Pay as you go” meant that we received updated content on the publisher’s unpredictable schedule, with variable prices. We’re confident that this change to annual updates will meet the needs of our clients and our budget. 

    We’re doing this because:

    • Moving to annual updates provides cost certainty. We can assess the value of each title and manage our collections budget strategically, instead of committing to pay for sporadic updates that are charged “per update” and fluctuate considerably in frequency and value; 

    • Our approach to looseleaf publications will be consistent with our approach to books updated with annual editions, which we decide to buy based on client needs rather than the publisher’s schedule; 

    • Processing looseleaf updates annually (instead of sporadically) will save considerable staff admin time, which can be better directed towards client service;

    • Several looseleaf titles only offer annual updates (for example, there will be no change regarding CLEBC looseleaf practice manuals); and

    • As part of our ongoing Digital Shift we are continuing to prioritize our staff time and resources towards electronic resources. 

    How will I know when a looseleaf was last updated?
    We label looseleaf publications with the date of their last update. You will likely see these stickers showing up on Carswell titles first (as they are one of the primary looseleaf publishers operating on a pay-as-you-go subscription model), followed by some LexisNexis titles. These stickers don’t mean a resource will receive no further updates: instead, it means we will decide whether to purchase an annual update for the title based on criteria in our Collection Policy, just as we would when considering whether to purchase an annual edition of a book.

    Not a perfect solution
    Annual looseleaf updates aren’t a perfect solution, but they are the right one for the times. We strive to deliver the best value to the largest number of library users across all our collections, both physical and online. Taking these measures will enable us to free up more staff service hours and target our collections budget more strategically. As always, we welcome comments on our new approach to looseleafs, or about specific resources that you’d like to see in Courthouse Libraries.  

  • Find law journals faster at Courthouse Libraries BC

    by CLBC Administrator | May 13, 2011

    Say you want to see a specific article published in the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies. You're fairly sure the courthouse library doesn't have it sitting on the shelf in print—but maybe it's available online on courthouse library computers.  How can you find out? 

    Now you can quickly find out which journals are available online at BC courthouse libraries by searching our catalogue or website, just as you would to look for books.  This is because we've made HeinOnline, our main source for journals, searchable from our website and catalogue. (You can also find HeinOnline's classic legal treatises this way as well as LLMC Digital materials).     

     Once you've found your journal, if you are in any of our libraries, you can click on the URL in the catalogue record to access the current and past issues.

    Once you've found the article that you want, you can use the Print/Download button to save a pdf version that you can email to yourself.  No need to print, and you don't have search multiple places online to find the article.

    Adding HeinOnline to our website search and catalogue brings us one step closer to "one stop shopping" for search - but there's still a lot of journal content available online at Courthouse Libraries BC libraries that isn't easily findable through our website search, such as the law reports and journal articles in CriminalSource, Quicklaw and LegalTrac.  Please ask us for help if you can't find something.



  • CriminalSource is Here

    by CLBC Administrator | Apr 04, 2011

    As of April 1st, Courthouse Libraries BC now offers Westlaw Canada's CriminalSource for our clients to use in all BC Courthouse Libraries (except Golden).  If you are familiar with using LawSource in our libraries, CriminalSource will be easy to use: searching, printing and emailing all work the same way.  What's new is the criminal content now available online in courthouse libraries: CriminalSource includes annotated criminal legislation, sentencing digests, and many well-known and heavily-used criminal texts. 

    What's in CriminalSource

    The following publications are now available online at BC courthouse libraries via CriminalSource:

    • Tremeear’s Annotated Criminal Code
    • Tremeear’s Annotated Related Criminal Statutes
    • Cournoyer & Ouimet’s Code criminel annoté
    • Crankshaw’s Criminal Code of Canada
    • Nadin-Davis Canadian Sentencing Digest
    • Watt, Criminal Law and Evidence Newsletter
    • Gibson, Canadian Criminal Code Offences
    • Gibson, Criminal Law Evidence, Practice and Procedure
    • Segal, Disclosure and Production in Criminal Cases
    • Segal’s Motor Vehicle and Impaired Driving Newsletter
    • Neuberger-Rose, Criminal Law Advisor Newsletter
    • Cournoyer-Oumet en bref
    • Watt’s Manual of Criminal Evidence
    • Canadian Criminal Law Review
    • National Journal of Constitutional Law
    • Articles from the Criminal Reports and Motor Vehicle Reports

    Getting Started Using CriminalSource

    Starting at the CriminalSource homepage you can note up the Criminal Code with links to content from Tremeear's, Crankshaw's and Cournoyer & Ouimet.

    You can find criminal caselaw by subject using Carswell's Criminal Law Digest.

    If you are familiar with the Carswell criminal law texts listed above and want to access them directly via CriminalSource, you can browse the Tables of Contents by choosing Commentary.  You can also search a specific text using the Search Template: Other Commentary.

    Need help using CriminalSource?  Please ask staff and we can help you (although CriminalSource is new to us too so we're still learning). 

    CriminalSource homepage




Mandy was responsible for online and print collections in her former role with Courthouse Libraries BC.

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